IMG_0459-300x225Grace and I had a long night Friday, June 3rd. Around 6:30 am Grace, Mia, Tucker and I headed off to the girls barn for morning chores. I feed Grace (she did not eat), Mia and Tucker as usual in barn one and headed to barn two to feed Bear and the llamas. I knew the time was near so hurried through morning feeding and headed back to barn one. Grace was digging, pacing and trying to climb onto my lap or in my arms, if only she was small enough to do so! Decided it was time to kick Tucker and Mia out and block up a couple holes I knew the dogs would use to get in or out of the paddock area. Sat down on the ground with Grace to wait. By 9:30 I really wanted a cup of coffee, a glass of water and to use the bathroom so told Grace I would be right back and don’t have a puppy until I returned.

With coffee and water in hand I walked into the basement to see Tucker, Mia AND Grace at the back door waiting on me!! How was that possible, I had already plugged up all the ways for dogs to get in or out of the paddock are. As I walked around the corner of the house towards barn one I heard Tom (our workamper) calling me. He said that there was a puppy laying on the ground and that he had seen Grace climb up and over the paddock gate and run towards the house. Got Grace back into the paddock area and she started getting busy. First puppy was born around 9:35 am and the last puppy was born around 3:15 pm.

Picture top left, Mia, Grace’s sister is far left.
Center is Tucker, the Dad, and far right is Grace, the Mom.



Great Pyrenees and Llamas, what could be better!

I will be adding pictures to this page as often as possible, so check back whenever you have time to watch the little ones grow.

June 4th

Day 1, they look like little worms!

A couple birthing pictures

One big happy family


June 5th

Starting to look more like pigs than worms.

June 6th

June 8th

All they do is nurse and sleep but I am starting to see small changes.  Two days ago they were 6 inches long, now they are 9 inches long!!!

June 9th

Puppies did not grow much in the past 24 hours. Eyes and ears are still closed but everyone’s noses and toes are starting to turn black. Grace is looking tired.

June 10th

Sleep and nurse, sleep and nurse, sleep and nurse that is all that is happening right now.

June 13th

Erin arrived so the puppies will receive more attention than they want!

June 15th

Eyes are starting to open and several are trying to stand on their legs, not successfully but trying!

June 19th and 20th

I don’t think Erin has been out of the barn all day!



June 23rd

After 2 days of naming and renaming they now all have names. Of course when new families adopt them names will change but Grandmother and Granddaughter had fun naming them for now and as you can tell most are Harry Potter related.

June 26th

A little variety with today’s pictures. Puppies trying dog food for the first time, cute picture of Tucker (Father) and Mia (Aunt) as well as a few pictures of Erin and some of her favorite llamas.  Only a couple more days before then Erin goes home!  What will we all do without her help?

July 9th

Took Erin home so have been gone for a week.  Came home to very different puppies. They all have teeth, all ears are open, several are loosing their badger markings, they are walking, or should I say running everywhere and eating real puppy food!



July 10th

Time to start training.  Everyone goes in and out of the animal carrier daily, two at a time are brought up stairs for house training and they have all been introduced to Tom the cat.


July 14th

They are finally really fun to be around.  Each has his/her own personality.  Some demand my attention, some stand back and watch, some sleep more than others.  ALL are my favorites, each in their own way!

July 17th

Only three boys left.  All will be ready to go to their new homes in less than 2 week.  We will be sorry to see them go!

Franklin and Harry Potter are now sold, only  Weasley left.   Weasley is a VERY sweet, probably the sweetest of the bunch.  He would make a great family dog.


July 23rd

Puppies are now fully weaned and now that they all have personalities and more fun to be with than ever before they are starting to leave home!  I am sad but happy to know they will soon be bonding with their new families.

July 28th

All cleaned up and waiting on their new families to arrive. Two leaving today and two tomorrow.


July 30th

We have started house training Weasley.  In and out the front door hourly.  First time it was “WHAT IS THIS GREEN STUFF?  Not sure I like it!”  Now he loves the grass and is more than willing to go out whenever I say “Out?” even if he does not really need to.   I am really falling in love with him but with 4 adult GP dogs and a barn full of llamas I just can’t keep him.


Weasley is now sold.  Thank you to everyone who viewed and purchased our little loved ones!