Standard or Mini?

When first becoming involved with llamas we asked ourselves, “miniature or standard, which way should we go?”  We originally decided standards were right for us.  An adult standard llama can weigh upwards of 450 pounds and can walk up and look you in the eye or even over the top of your head.  They are intelligent, big, imposing and the most gentle, loving animals we have ever known.  We call our standard llamas “Gentle Giants”.  If you intend to use your llamas for packing, pulling a cart or as a guard llama, standard llamas are often the best choice.

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About Llamas

Are there different kinds of llamas?
No, but there are different kinds of camelids. The “lama” family consists of four branches: Alpacas, Guanacos, Llamas and Vicunas. Alpacas and llamas have been domesticated for approximately 4,000 years, whereas guanacos and vicunas are mostly found in herds in the wild.

Our little farm was part of 2 llama articles in the New York Times.  Second article is about Miniature Llamas.   It came out July 4, 2013 and we would love to share it with you.

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Workampers Wanted

Every year we offer a special workamper program for people who love animals, the experience of  living and working with our special loving and caring llamas. We raise both miniature and standard llamas.

This is an exchange opportunity for couples or a single to join our farm family located in the North Georgia Mountains. We treat our workampers with the utmost respect, as a friend, not an employee.

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